Provide healthy, safe and secure work environments so that people can enjoy rewarding careers and achieve their full potential

The systemic challenges faced by seafarers and other workers across the shipping value chain create labour and human rights risks, as well as mental health and safety concerns. Training and career development support combined with equal, diverse and inclusive work environments lay the foundation for fulfilling shipping careers, which is the focus of Vision area 3.

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  1. Adopt labour and human rights standards across the shipping industry to improve safety, security, living conditions, and fair wages for people working in shipping
  2. Employ best practice in leadership and employee development to attract people to rewarding shipping careers
  3. Embrace diversity (including age, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, race and sexual orientation) and facilitate equal, diverse and inclusive work environments

Progress against the Roadmap: People

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As shipping moves further along in its sustainability journey, new trends, milestones and challenges will arise that must be addressed. The Roadmap will continue to evolve with the industry, celebrating successes, pausing for reflection and identifying areas where further work needs to be done.

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