Be a trusted and responsible partner in the communities where we live, work and operate

Port, coastal and indigenous communities are key in achieving a sustainable and successful shipping industry, providing shipping with its license to operate. Vision area 2 focuses on port governance, infrastructure and operations; as well as transparency, accountability and communities between shipping and the community stakeholders affected by its activities.

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  1. Promote good port governance principles with well-defined standards, transparency and accountability
  2. Engage and benefit the port, coastal and indigenous communities affected by shipping, facilitating dialogue among all community actors
  3. Build sustainable and resilient port infrastructure and operations to enable energy efficiency, improve air and water quality and promote circularity

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As shipping moves further along in its sustainability journey, new trends, milestones and challenges will arise that must be addressed. The Roadmap will continue to evolve with the industry, celebrating successes, pausing for reflection and identifying areas where further work needs to be done.

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