SSI members span the entire shipping value chain – from shipowners to financial institutions to NGOs. We are a close-knit group united by our commitment to advancing sustainability in shipping through cross sectoral collaboration.

Membership is welcomed from all sectors of the shipping industry, including:

Shipowners, operators and charterers
Shipbuilding, repair and recycling yards
Financial stakeholders
Cargo owners and OEMs
Classification societies
Ports and port operators
Academic and research institutions

Become a member

If you believe that shipping has a role to play in a more sustainable world, environmentally, economically and socially, join the SSI as we:

  • Define and demonstrate sustainable shipping leadership by shining a light on what is possible and shape a positive industry narrative
  • Deepen our understanding of barriers and challenges, driving discussion, debate and action to accelerate progress on our sustainability journey
  • Place the challenges shipping faces in the context of the global sustainability and climate action agendas
  • Harness the potential and power of partnerships, increasing our collective impact across and beyond shipping
  • Influence industry policymakers, regulators and stakeholders and promote innovation, investment and incentives for sustainably shipping

You and your organisation will play a key role in promoting the understanding of, and engagement in, strategic sustainability opportunities and accomplishing the milestones outlined in the Roadmap to a Sustainable Shipping Industry.

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    Becoming a member of SSI offers you and your organisation:

    • Access to industry and sustainability leaders spanning the shipping value chain, in a safe space for close collaboration and networking
    • An enhanced reputation as an industry leader and affiliation with a high-profile global initiative
    • A deep and longer-term understanding of future risks and opportunities
    • Interaction with key sustainability and environmental non-profits bringing both technical and sustainability expertise to the SSI membership
    • Opportunities to raise issues, shape action and collaborate with peers to solve complex problems through SSI working group participation
    • Opportunities to actively steer the future direction of the maritime industry and its response to the sustainability challenges ahead

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