Develop financial solutions that reward sustainable performance and enable large scale uptake of innovation, technology, design and operational efficiencies

Sustainable shipping presents opportunities for the finance sector and sustainable finance solutions impact every milestone in the Roadmap. By rewarding high sustainability performance, financial stakeholders enable the large-scale uptake of innovation, technology, design and operational efficiencies. Finance also has a key role to play in the promotion of sustainable use of marine resources through ecosystem valuation and natural capital accounting.

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  1. Reward high sustainability performance through preferential access to capital and insurance
  2. Assign monetary value to environmental resources to promote their responsible use and reduce negative impacts

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As shipping moves further along in its sustainability journey, new trends, milestones and challenges will arise that must be addressed. The Roadmap will continue to evolve with the industry, celebrating successes, pausing for reflection and identifying areas where further work needs to be done.

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