Progress against milestone 3.2020.5

Workers across all phases of ship lifecycle, onboard and offshore, have access to union representation and their working and living standards are improved. 

July 24, 2023

The UK government has launched the Seafarers’ Charter. The charter is part of the UK’s wider nine-point action plan to protect seafarers and boost employment protections, ensuring they are paid and treated fairly.

The charter requires employers to:

  • pay seafarers for overtime at a rate of a least 1.25 times the basic hourly rate
  • ensure adequate training and development is provided
  • provide employees with a full, indefinite contract
  • allow seafarers to receive social security benefits, including sickness benefits, family benefits, and medical care
  • adopt roster patterns considering fatigue, mental health and safety
  • provide adequate rest periods between shifts and rosters
  • carry out regular drug and alcohol testing

Source:  UK Government.