Wednesday 29 November – Today, members welcomed incoming CEO, Steven Jones, at SSI’s bi-annual in-person member meeting in Singapore.

“As the new CEO of The Sustainable Shipping Initiative, I am thrilled to lead this pioneering organisation at a crucial juncture for our industry. The dedication of our members, team and partners from across the maritime sector, collaborating under a shared commitment to sustainable shipping, is truly inspiring.

Together, we possess invaluable knowledge and experience to chart our course toward a sustainable maritime industry. Beyond scanning the horizon, SSI actively addresses the challenges looming over it. SSI’s vision and purpose continues to persist as we collectively harness our expertise and thought leadership to spearhead ambitious initiatives to accelerate innovation and drive our industry’s just transition.”

– Steven Jones

Steven has joined the SSI following Andrew Stephens’ decision to step down from his position as Executive Director. Having led the SSI for 5 years, Andrew has overseen the curation and implementation of a new strategy and expanded work programmes to address systemic sustainability issues in shipping. He has also driven increased diversity in SSI membership, from the addition of human rights expertise through NGO member the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB) to the first port member, Port of Vancouver. Andrew will be leaving the SSI at the end of the year.

Andrew Stephens and Steven Jones shake hands in front of an SSI banner. Andrew is passing the leadership batton to Steven.