The Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) met during MEPC 68 with a delegation from the Marshall Islands and Pacific Island states to discuss current challenges, the need to keep global temperatures within 1.5c and our shared desire to find sustainable global solutions that marry economic and environmental priorities.

This week in London the International Maritime Organisation’s Marine Environment Protection Committee postponed a decision on a new proposal promoted by The Marshall Islands to establish a greenhouse gas emissions target for the maritime sector. The fact that the third largest ship registry in the world proposed this indicates the industry’s level of concern about the dangers of climate change. Although its request for a CO2 reduction goal was not met this week by IMO, there is strong sentiment throughout the shipping industry that more must be done for shipping to be part of proactive climate change solutions.

This is reflected in our Case for Action report, where we highlighted that companies should be prepared to meet these challenges and to work with the IMO on progressive regulation to anticipate future challenges. We look forward to further productive discussions with The Marshall Islands, and other progressive parties across the global maritime industry so that together we can start making a tangible impact on CO2 reduction.