SSI will be at the 2023 UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Throughout COP28, we will be involved with various events and media relating to a plethora of matters around sustainable shipping.

Join us at the COP events:

Could some of the world’s largest ports, like Houston, Shanghai and Lázaro Cárdenas, become unusable due to sea level rises?

The triple climate crisis poses an existential threat to global shipping, responsible for 3% of emissions. By 2050, a 40cm sea level rise could devastate coastal communities worldwide. Explore learnings from the Global Maritime Trends Report 2050 on this urgent challenge. Discover innovative solutions and steps the maritime sector can take to curb emissions and prevent climate catastrophe, securing a sustainable future for our oceans and our planet. Elizabeth Petit González from SSI will be on the panel.

Staying on Course for 1.5: Africa’s role in accelerating shipping’s green transition.

A 1.5-degree pathway will be impossible without shipping’s rapid, just and equitable green transition. Africa has a crucial role to play in this. This event will bring together key shipping stakeholders to highlight credible climate action and solutions during a pivotal year, including in response to a new GHG strategy at the IMO. This event will have french translation live during the event.

  • Date: Tuesday 5th December
  • Time: 15:00-16:30 (GST)
  • Speakers: Ruth Boumphrey, CEO, Lloyd’s Register Foundation; Magda Kopczyńska, Director General of the Directorate-General Mobility and Transport; James Myunpe, Presidential Economic Advisor and Hydrogen Commissioner, Government of the Republic of Namibia; Funmi Folorunso, Secretary General, African Shipowners Association; Camille Bourgeon, Technical Officer – Marine Environment Division, International Maritime Organization; Sam Megwa, African Maritime Lead, UN High-Level Climate Champions Team; Lydia Ngugi, President of MTCC Africa
  • Organisers: Sustainable Shipping Initiative, Lloyd’s Register Foundation
  • Location: SE Room 6, Blue Zone
  • Livestream link: UN Climate Change events YouTube channel

Navigating the Future: Bridging shipping, biodiversity, and decarbonisation.

Join us to explore how decarbonising shipping can have a nature-positive impact on ocean health and biodiversity.

There has been increasing focus on the need – and opportunity – to decarbonize international shipping. However, a sustainable, resilient maritime industry needs to consider not only how to decarbonize, but also other environmental, social, and socio-economic impacts. Now is the time to ensure that the growing momentum to decarbonize is informed by and coordinated with efforts to improve shipping’s overall impact on the ocean. Recognizing that this is interconnected, it is crucial to understand how shipping operations currently impact the environment around them, and to research and develop solutions for decarbonization that also consider these other ocean impacts and have potential co-benefits in addressing ocean health and biodiversity loss.

Moderated by Susan Ruffo, UN Foundation Senior Advisor for Ocean and Climate, this event will explore shipping’s short and long-term impact on ocean health, productivity and biodiversity, identify links between actions to decarbonize and to protect ocean health and anchor these in the shipping community through best practice.

  • Date: Friday 8th December
  • Time: 15:00 -16:00 (GST)
  • Organisers: Equal Routes, Race to Zero, Sustainable Shipping Initiative, UN Foundation
  • Location: State of Green Pavilion, Blue Zone