Steven Jones returns to the podcast this week to discuss the strategic priorities of the Sustainable Shipping Initiative. As its recently appointed CEO, Steven explains how this multi-stakeholder collective is combining policy research with positive actions that its members can make within key focus areas: Oceans, Communities, People, Transparency, Finance, and Energy.

Steven and contributing editor Mark Williams discuss the increasing transparency requirement for shipping companies, particularly in regard to fuel decisions and emissions reporting, and the role that digitalisation is having in pushing the transparency agenda.

They also address the conversations at COP28, and Steven answers the question, does the shipping industry actually need a phase out date for fossil fuels to focus activity?

Steven Jones brings over 30 years of maritime industry expertise to his role as Chief Executive Officer of the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI). A former seafarer, Steven has worked across maritime fraud investigations, insurance, Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), and maritime security. He leveraged this frontline experience in roles with the UK Government as a specialist in services, ports and technology, and is the Founder of the Seafarers Happiness Index.

He is motivated by a passion for the sea and a desire to highlight the vital role that seaborne trade, transport, and infrastructure play in connecting the global economy. He believes in promoting sustainability and innovation to ensure the maritime sector continues enabling prosperity worldwide.

He has expertise in low/zero carbon fuels, their production pathways, energy efficiency / emission abatement techniques, emission inventorying, life cycle assessment and the policies regulating the maritime sector. Above all, he’s passionate about decarbonising the maritime sector.