The SSI was proud to have its bi-annual members meeting kindly hosted on 9-11 April 2014 at Imari Shipyard in Japan by Namura Shipbuilding Co.

President Kensuke Namura speaks on the company's sustainability efforts and its commitment to the SSI's Vision 2040   President Kensuke Namura signing the Vision 2040   New signatories to the Vision 2040

A signing ceremony signifying commitment to the shared Vision 2040 was delivered by the chair of the SSI board of trustees and Mr. Kensuke Namura, President of Namura Shipbuilding Co.
 The new signatories additionally include the DNV GL Group, U-Ming Marine Transport Corp. and ABS.

The 18 members from 14 countries also reported on the initiatives of the collaborative working groups and as well as individual activities which are contributing towards the Vision for 2040. The meeting was also instrumental for the development of a roadmap  to show the steps that the shipping industry needs to take in order to progress towards fulfilling the Vision.

Jan Raes, ABN AMRO, SSI Roadmap   Simon Walmsley, WWF, SSI Roadmap   SSI member collaborate on the Roadmap

The meeting included a tour around the Imari shipyard in Imari-city, Saga prefecture.

SSI at Namura