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The Roadmap to a Sustainable Shipping Industry lays out the pathways and defines tangible milestones to be collectively achieved over the coming decades by the maritime sector.

Initially developed in 2016 and updated in 2020, the Roadmap consists of six vision areas – Oceans, People, Transparency, Finance, and Energy – each with its own set of objectives, themes and interrelated milestones to be achieved along the industry’s sustainability journey.

The Roadmap represents a collective exercise by maritime stakeholders to envision a sustainable future for shipping, and to develop high-priority focus areas and milestones to mark progress toward that future. The vision embedded in the Roadmap incorporates perspectives from SSI members who are high-ambition actors from across the maritime value chain. SSI members include shipping companies and NGOs in a close-knit group, united by our commitment to advancing sustainability in shipping through cross-sectoral collaboration.

As an integral component of the State of Sustainable Shipping Initiative programme, the Roadmap is being continuously improved to be responsive to recent changes in the global maritime environment.

As part of this, SSI has developed an experimental framework that seeks to identify near-term pathways (in the 3-5 year time horizon) that maritime stakeholders can adopt, to accelerate the pace of systemic transformation.

The Oceans vision area is being updated as a pilot test to incorporate fresh perspectives, targets, and milestones for the existing themes. A new theme has also been introduced on integrating biodiversity into decarbonisation initiatives for multiplicative effects and synergies.

We are seeking your responses and feedback on this experimental framework. The SenseMaker survey will take approximately 5-7 minutes to complete. Your valuable responses will play a crucial role in shaping the updated Ocean vision area, guiding pathways towards a more sustainable shipping industry.

Be a part of navigating this journey and share your stories of change!

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The full roadmap can be accessed here as a printer-friendly PDF version.

About the survey tool

SenseMaker® is an online crowd-sourcing research tool for collecting self-interpreted micro-narratives and for discovering actionable insights beyond surveys and focus groups. It offers a science-based approach to guide collective impact and leverage the strengths of being human in uncertain times. This research tool and framework is being trialled to develop a horizon-scanning programme for SSI, to track and identify emerging issues and leading indicators of systemic change.

Data privacy

We adopt and encourage an open and transparent approach to data collection, analysis and reporting of findings. Responses are collected anonymously. Please do not share any commercially sensitive information. All responses are open to be viewed by anyone via a dashboard, which will be shared on this page after the first round of testing is completed.