The Roadmap to a sustainable shipping industry lays out the pathways and defines tangible milestones to be collectively achieved over the coming decades.

Initially developed in 2016 by SSI members in consultation with industry stakeholders, the Roadmap is currently in the final phases of an update process run throughout 2020 by SSI members alongside Lloyd’s Register and will launch in the coming weeks.

The Roadmap consists of six vision areas, each with its own set of objectives, desired outcomes and interrelated milestones to be achieved along the industry’s sustainability journey.

  1. OCEANS: Contribute to responsible ocean governance and the healthy use of marine resources
  2. COMMUNITIES: Be a trusted and responsible partner in the communities where we live, work and operate
  3. PEOPLE: Provide safe, healthy and secure work environments so that people can enjoy rewarding careers and achieve their full potential
  4. TRANSPARENCY: Drive performance improvements and enable better, sustainable decision making through transparency and accountability
  5. FINANCE: Develop financial solutions that reward sustainable performance and enable large scale uptake of innovation, technology, design and operational efficiencies
  6. ENERGY: Change to a diverse range of zero carbon energy sources, using resources efficiently and responsibly for zero emission shipping and avoiding negative environmental and biodiversity impacts

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