On 24 November 2020 SSI co-hosted a webinar in collaboration with the Getting To Zero Coalition. The discussion explored the sustainability issues surrounding marine fuels, contributing to the broader debate on incentivising and enabling the uptake of sustainable marine fuels, as well as informing decision-making around the choice of fuel(s) to promote, invest in and use.

Managing supply chain risks of marine fuels requires an understanding of the sustainability issues from a full lifecycle perspective, i.e. well-to-wake. Once these are understood and sustainability criteria defined, industry standards can be set and certification programmes can be put in place to assure the sustainability of marine fuels.

Moderator: Randall Krantz, Senior Project Advisor on Decarbonizing Shipping, Global Maritime Forum


  • Simon Bennett, General Manager – Sustainable Development, The China Navigation Company
  • Trevor Brown, Executive Director, Ammonia Energy Association
  • Mark Lutes, Senior Advisor, Global Climate Policy, WWF Climate and Energy Practice
  • Katharine Palmer, Global Sustainability Manager, Marine & Offshore, Lloyd’s Register