Andreea Miu

Head of Project Management & Reporting

Andreea joined the Sustainable Shipping Initiative Secretariat in October 2020 where she is responsible for project management activities for different SSI working groups, and for tracking industry progress against the Roadmap to a Sustainable Shipping Industry.

New to the maritime sector, Andreea began her career in the renewable energy industry, working on codes of practice for small-scale renewables and on certification schemes in the areas of biogas and bioenergy. After more than three years, she left the sector to learn more about management and policy responses to complex environmental challenges, eventually working on topics such as emissions reductions in heavy industries, low-carbon technology transfer, and environmental management in private organisations.

Originally from Romania, Andreea qualified with a BSc in Environmental Science from Queen Mary University of London and an MSc in Environmental Management and Policy from Lund University in Sweden. She is now based in London, UK.