Time period: 2014-2018

Members involved: ABS, The China Navigation Company, Lloyd’s Register, IMC, Maersk, Priya Blue, U-Ming

The recycling of decommissioned ships is an integral part of the maritime lifecycle. However, the process of ship recycling is a highly complex and contentious issue, with increasing importance being placed on improving sustainability standards within ship breaking and recycling operations.

The social and environmental risks of ship recycling are well-documented and recognised to include environmental, occupational health and safety risks, and well as community health and safety exposure.

Despite these significant risks, there are no effective global regulations in force to ensure a consistent approach to ship recycling. International conventions provide only partial coverage of material aspects associated with ship recycling.

Shipowners, ship recyclers, and other stakeholders in the ship recycling value chain have different policies and practices that often are not clearly defined. Because of this, good practice is not always rewarded, and bad practice can often go unchecked.

To create a world where ships are recycled responsibly – socially, environmentally and economically – meeting and going beyond international conventions and norms.

2015-2017: The SSI hosted three successful ship recycling roundtables, in 2015, 2016 and 2017 which coincided with the TradeWinds Ship Recycling Forum. These events brought together key stakeholders from across the industry: shipowners, recycling yards, NGOs and financial institutions.

They provided a platform to discuss the key issues, successes and future aspirations of the sector, and were a forum for companies to have constructive conversations on a difficult topic.

As well as the roundtables, the SSI worked on the development of a baseline minimum standard for responsible ship recycling. Our members are on the ground driving improvements at selected yards and are bringing about significant and tangible improvements in recycling practices that not only comply with, but exceed, those laid down in the Hong Kong Convention.

2018: This working group on Sustainable Ship Recycling has been transformed into an independent platform hosted by the SSI: The Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative (SRTI).

The SRTI is an open initiative with a mission to accelerate a voluntary market-driven approach to responsible ship recycling practices through transparency; and subsequently to inform decision-making and create fair competition across the shipping industry.