Time period: 2020-Present

Members involved: The China Navigation Company, Forum for the Future, Louis Dreyfus Company, Oldendorff Carriers, RightShip, South32, Standard Chartered Bank, Wilhelmsen Ship Management

Partner: Institute for Human Rights and Business (Working Group Co-Chair)

Delivering on seafarers’ rights will see charterers play an active role in raising the bar in the shipping industry through the development of an industry code of conduct for actors joined together across the shipping value chain. Based on international labour and human rights standards and principles, this work brings together charterers, shipowners and operators to drive positive change through collective action, increasing transparency around labour and human rights risks.

  • To improve respect of the labour and human rights of seafarers and provide safe and decent work for seafarers, leading to more sustainable supply chains
  • To identify mechanisms for seafarers to understand their labour and human rights, report abuse of them and access remedy
  • To improve transparency on actions taken to identify, mitigate and prevent labour and human rights risks within the shipping value chain
  • To improve the ability of charterers to conduct labour and human rights due diligence and make informed decisions
  • To catalyse collective action and leadership by charterers to advocate for more robust human rights protection within the industry

The first phase of this work will consist of a mapping and consultation process which looks at, among other things, charterers’ approaches to identifying and mitigating human rights risks in their supply chains, commonly used grievance mechanisms available to seafarers and remedies offered, as well as existing approaches to labour and human rights risks across the industry.

The outcomes of this research will be used to develop a code of conduct.

Expected outcomes for this piece of work are:

  • Industry code of conduct on labour and human rights risks
  • Due diligence guidance document to assist with implementation of the code of conduct
  • Contractual terms and chartering provisions incorporated in standard industry clauses