On 26th April 2012, the 16 members of the SSI gathered at the historic (and very hot) Fort Canning in Singapore. We were at Singapore Maritime Week to unveil our initial four work streams to make our Vision for a sustainable industry reality.

Building on 2011’s Case for Action and Vision 2040, we’re now entering the ‘nuts and bolts’ phase of the Initiative.  Over the next 18 months (to September 2013), the work streams will develop new knowledge, tools and processes for the industry, utilising its members’ extensive expertise spanning ship owning, chartering and operations to shipbuilding and engineering, marine finance and insurance, banking, technical standards and global supply chain.

The SSI’s first work streams address the following areas, which offer the greatest potential to accelerate change:

  • Closed Loop Materials Management
  • Financing Sustainable Shipping
  • Energy Technology
  • Credible Benchmarking: How to use and improve Sustainability Rating Schemes in Shipping

To find out more about these four workstreams click here.