In September 2018 we welcomed Nicole Rencoret as the new Head of Communications and Development of the Sustainable Shipping Initiative Secretariat. 

Nicole joined the Sustainable Shipping Initiative Secretariat in September 2018 where she is responsible for strategic communications and thought leadership, stakeholder engagement and development for the SSI and Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative. She has specific expertise in sustainable development policy and strategy, organisational strategy and learning as well as multi-stakeholder initiatives. 

An Australian/Chilean national, Nicole’s career has seen her live and work across the globe in Timor-Leste, Switzerland, Kenya, Niger, USA, Palestine, Haiti, Colombia, Fiji and Denmark (where she is currently based). She graduated with an MBA from Warwick Business School and also holds an MA in Professional Communication. 

Driven by a passion to connect and communicate with people, Nicole is a facilitator of conversations, an engager of stakeholders and a believer in the power of partnerships.