21 April 2023 – On Wednesday 29 March, Andrew Stephens took part in a Sustainable Shipping panel at the GREEN4SEA Forum in Athens, Greece.

SSI, alongside panellists from Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association and European Community Shipowners’ Association, discussed key focus areas and sustainability challenges for 2023 as shipping continues its work towards sustainability during this decade of action. As a key component of global trade, shipping plays a critical role in supporting and establishing resilient global supply chains that can adapt to the climate crisis.

Andrew Stephens smiles, on the GREEN4SEA stage

Shipping has a responsibility to play its part in addressing the causes and impacts of the climate crisis holistically. Particularly when developing new fuels and technologies as the sector races to decarbonise. It is vital to consider the impacts and externalities across the E, S and G to ensure a sustainable transition.

Andrew highlighted the importance of avoiding ‘carbon tunnel vision’ and addressing sustainability challenges systemically, in order to build a future-proof, resilient shipping sector to support global trade for generations to come.

Click here to watch Andrew’s GREEN4SEA presentation.

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