21 September 2021 – SSI recently took part in the UK Chamber of Shipping’s Making Waves: The Future of Shipping project, developed in partnership with Content With Purpose (CWP). Making Waves: The Future of Shipping is a long-form news and current affairs-style programme, telling the story of the issues and opportunities facing the shipping industry at a time of environmental crisis, and profiling the professionals and organisations who are dedicated to creating a cleaner future for shipping.

SSI’s contribution to this programme includes interviews with SSI members Katharine Palmer; Lloyd’s Register, Mark Lutes; WWF, and Samantha Bramley; Standard Chartered Bank, alongside Andrew Stephens; SSI’s Executive Director, who provide different views on decarbonising the shipping industry sustainably.

The film discusses topics such as the lifecycle approach to decarbonisation and the importance of considering the wider environmental, social and governance issues of zero and low carbon marine fuels. Coming together across sectors, stakeholders highlighted the importance of collaboration in tackling issues related to land use, air quality, labour and human rights, food security and others when determining the sustainability of a fuel.

The film discussed some of the issues raised in SSI’s Defining sustainability criteria for marine fuels report, published this September. Read the full report here.