SSI members and key industry stakeholders work together to define tangible milestones across all areas of sustainability that must be collectively delivered by the industry to meet the SSI’s 2040 Vision

 London – 7 March 2016 – The Sustainable Shipping Initiative (“SSI”), a pioneering coalition of companies from across the global shipping industry, today launched its Roadmap, a set of key milestones and priorities which must be met in order to create a sustainable shipping industry by 2040. The development of the Roadmap embodies the core attributes and values of SSI’s membership in working together to evaluate and establish the tangible change that will be needed to create a sustainable industry.

“This is a significant achievement and point of real pride for the SSI and its members,” said Alastair Fischbacher, CEO, The Sustainable Shipping Initiative.”

“Our members have shown considerable commitment, as well as investing their knowledge and expertise to define a Roadmap, which truly encapsulates what needs to be delivered to create a more sustainable industry. There are many challenges ahead, but we have set a clear foundation from which to work from. I look forward to those from within the industry who are passionate about securing its future joining our existing members in working together to deliver against the Roadmap and achieving our Vision of a sustainable shipping industry.”

Developed in line with SSI’s Vision 2040 and Case for Action, the Roadmap provides a clear overview of the macro environment that a sustainable shipping industry will require by 2040. The six core areas that the shipping industry must work collectively to implement are:

  1. Proactively contributing to the responsible governance of the oceans
  2. Earning the reputation of being a trusted and responsible partner in the communities where shipping interacts with
  3. Providing healthy, safe and secure work environments, so that people want to work in shipping, where they can enjoy rewarding careers and achieve their full potential
  4. Instilling real transparency and accountability within the industry to drive performance improvements and enable better, sustainable decision making
  5. Developing financial solutions that reward sustainable performance and enable large scale uptake of innovation, technology, design and operational efficiencies
  6. Changing to a diverse range of energy sources, using resources more efficiently, and responsibly, and dramatically reducing greenhouse gases.

Within each of these areas, the Roadmap highlights the key defining factors that are central to achieving them. This includes regulation, governance, infrastructure, and emerging energy sources, as well as the critical milestones that chart a path to success by 2040.

The Roadmap is designed as a guide for the SSI and its members, and shared freely with the wider shipping industry. It is intended as a practical resource for companies and organisations to understand their present and future challenges, as well as the steps and milestones to shape their own sustainability strategies.

The Roadmap is available online. As a ‘live’, working tool, the SSI will be actively engaging further with the industry to periodically update the Roadmap based on progress that is made, and the industry landscape changes and evolves. This will be fed back into the tool and shared with the market.

Alastair Fischbacher concluded:

“Delivering the milestones in the Roadmap will take further commitment and desire by our members as well as the rest of the shipping industry. This is a dynamic document that will be updated and developed further with developments, and we hope that the Roadmap will be a unifying and interactive tool that will serve to drive more engagement and debate within the shipping industry. By informing, influencing and encouraging all organisations to actively change and operate in a progressive and more sustainable way the Vision 2040 can be achieved.”

The Roadmap is available in two versions, full and simple view, below.

Download the Simple or Full version of the Roadmap here.


About the Sustainable Shipping Initiative 
The Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) is an ambitious coalition of shipping leaders from around the world that is taking practical steps to tackle some of the sector’s greatest opportunities and challenges. The group is working to achieve a vision of an industry in which sustainability equals success.

It is the first time the shipping industry has joined forces on such a cooperative global scale to tackle big sustainability issues. The ultimate goal is to show that collaborative action is possible, and to mobilise support across the industry, demonstrating that shipping can contribute to – and thrive in – a sustainable future.

The cross-industry SSI has members from 15 companies representing ship owners and charterers, shipbuilders, engineers and service providers, banking and classification societies. Member companies include ABN AMRO, AkzoNobel, American Bureau of Shipping, Bunge, Cargill, China Navigation Company, Gearbulk, IMC, Lloyd’s Register Maersk Line, U-Ming Marine Transport Corporation and Wärtsilä.

In September 2013 the SSI became an independent charity. The SSI was initially facilitated by global sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future in conjunction with WWF, the global conservation NGO. Forum for the Future and WWF remain as SSI NGO members.

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