London, 3 August 2020 – Evergreen Marine Corporation (Taiwan) Ltd. becomes the eleventh shipowner to publicly disclose its approach to ship recycling through the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative (SRTI) online platform.

In a corporate statement Evergreen said, “We are committed to the planning of a completely sustainable life cycle for our vessels from design, construction, operation and ultimately to decommissioning. As such, we are delighted to join SRTI, through which signatories can share their ship recycling information via an online platform, helping the industry to improve its eco-friendly recycling policies and practices, and to work together in sustaining an ‘ever green’ global environment.”

“We believe transparency is a key driver of change in the ship recycling value chain,” said Andrew Stephens, Executive Director of the Sustainable Shipping Initiative that hosts the SRTI. “We welcome Evergreen Marine to the growing SRTI family that includes like-minded shipowners who are holding themselves to account before key stakeholders, including clients, investors, and the wider public.”

The shipowner, headquartered in Taiwan, is the fifth signatory to join the SRTI in 2020, bringing the total number of signatories to 26.

The SRTI continues its growth and development conducting outreach across and beyond the industry. The recent SRTI webinar series has seen an increasingly diverse range of stakeholders engaging on the topics of data and transparency; circularity; and the role of financial stakeholders in sustainable and responsible ship recycling, in the absence of global regulation.

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