The SSI’s progress report, A Case For More Action was launched at an industry event in Singapore on 26 September and is now available for download.

The tools and case studies for the shipping industry are included within a new 23-page ‘A Case for More Action’ report which lists the findings and accomplishments of the SSI’s initial four ‘workstream’ projects and details the functional tools that each workstream has developed in response to the specific challenges it faced. The tools range from an Excel financial model and legal checklists through to case studies, performance data and web-based tools.

The four workstreams have made considerable progress in their respective field of ship financing; technology efficiency; recycling and closed-loop materials management and benchmarking of sustainable shipping.

The new ‘A Case for More Action’ report also details the obstacles that the industry has experienced in the first part of its journey towards the agreed goal of a sustainable and profitable shipping industry by 2040. The precise details of the ‘Vision 2040’, the SSI’s manifesto for action, are available at

The report also outlines suggested next steps to maintain the industry’s route towards the goals in the vision. These will ensure that the industry, which accounts for up to 4 per cent of global CO2 emissions, can contribute towards responsible and efficient use of natural resources, dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas intensity and provision of safe, healthy and secure working environments.

Among the requirements and focuses highlighted in the newly released ‘Case for More Action’ dossier are increased openness and sharing throughout the industry. The report’s findings emphasise the benefits of transparency and sharing in order to reduce the risks associated with investments, accelerate the uptake of innovative technology and stimulate the pace of change throughout the shipping industry.

The new report follows on from a preliminary set of proposals made by senior officials from within the SSI membership in the ‘Case for Action’ document, published in May 2011. The ‘Case for More Action’ report is available for download here

Jonathon Porritt, founder director of the Forum for the Future, which has been facilitating the SSI, said: “The achievements of the individuals and organisations involved with the Sustainability Shipping Initiative since its inception in 2010 have been impressive. The findings that have been reported and the tangible results that have been accomplished in the areas of ship financing, ship recycling, energy technology and sustainability benchmarking have taken us a way towards our carefully formulated sustainability vision.

“The tools that have been created by the SSI members and are being launched at our September conference will enable the entire industry to move significantly further along the paths towards the targets in the SSI’s ‘Vision 2040’ manifesto.

“The efforts have highlighted the range of challenges and barriers to sustainability and ways to overcome by more openness and collaboration. We call on more organisations to become members of the SSI and join our mission.”

Helle Gleie, the new director of the SSI, who was appointed in September 2013, said: “Following the progress achieved since the creation of the initial ‘Case for Action’ the SSI and its members felt that there was an urgent need to map out the strategy for the next phase of our journey towards a sustainable industry.

“From new vessel types, and new financial models to propulsion through kites and bacteria-based fuels, it is clear that the maritime sector is driving innovation and our new tools and recommendations for future action will accelerate this even further.

“The SSI’s work reduces risks and promotes nimbler work practices to turn efficiency, sustainability and profitability into realities and norms for the shipping sector. Organisations from shipping and related industries should visit to join the mission.”