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As the biggest container shipping line in the world, Maersk Line plays an important role in facilitating reliable and efficient supply chains for thousands of companies.

At Maersk Line we have a tradition for long-term thinking and investments. It’s a habit that helps us develop a strong, sustainable business model for our future growth, and to deliver innovative products with new customer benefits. Our new Triple-E ships with cradle to cradle passports and the new Daily Maersk service are good examples of investments that deliver on all parameters – economic, social and environmental. Becoming sustainable is a journey. We are happy to share our knowledge and experiences, taking this journey in partnership with the wider industry and supply chain.

For Maersk Line, the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) is about leaders from across the industry leveraging their ambitions and position to help deliver more sustainable value chains in response to the tremendous changes that will fundamentally alter the way we think about the industry in the coming years. This means working together with customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders to ensure responsible, sustainable and economic growth in the future.

To learn more about the broad path to sustainable business growth we are taking in partnership with our stakeholders, please visit our website.


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